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Grade Reports

At the end of each on-campus semester or session, students may access their grades via CentralLink (

Credit and Points

The university uses specified quantitative and qualitative standards to appraise the quality of work done by its students.

Quantitative Unit. The quantitative unit of credit is the semester hour.

Qualitative Unit. The qualitative credit is the grade or rating used by the instructor to indicate an evaluation of the results accomplished. The work of the student in each course completed is rated in accordance with the following marking system.


A 4.0 points per semester hour Superior
A- 3.7 points per semester hour
B+ 3.3 points per semester hour
B 3.0 points per semester hour
B- 2.7 points per semester hour
C+ 2.3 points per semester hour
C 2.0 points per semester hour
E 0.0 points1 Failing
CR Credit2
NC No Credit Not included in
I Incomplete computing
N No Grade Submitted grade points or
W Withdrawn for graduation
X Audit credit
Z Deferred Grade

1 Does not count toward graduate degree; does count in grade point average.

2 Counts for graduation, but not in grade point average.

There is no grade of C- in the graduate marking system. When a C- grade is assigned to a graduate student, the Registrar’s Office will convert the grade to an E before recording it on the student’s permanent record. Courses in which the student earns or has earned a grade below C do not count toward meeting any graduate degree requirement, nor are they accepted, following the completion of the baccalaureate degree, for the removal of deficiencies. Particular programs may have more stringent grade requirements.

The grading system also applies to undergraduate courses taken for undergraduate or graduate credit by a student admitted to Graduate Studies at CMU.

Points. To compute the quality of work done, points are assigned to letter grades as indicated above for credits earned at the university.

Graduate Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) for graduate students is computed by dividing the total points earned in graduate courses by the total semester hours of graded graduate courses at CMU and graded A through E on the qualitative scale. Courses to be included in the computation of the grade point average must be graduate level. Such courses include all courses at or above the 500 level and those 300 and 400 level courses which have been specifically approved for a student's graduate program. Credits graded CR/NC at this university and credits accepted in transfer from other institutions are not included in the computation.