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Non-Degree and Non-Credit Programs

CMU provides an opportunity for educators and educational administrators to earn credit toward certificate renewal and provides individuals interested in personal development with a range of non-credit programs. Broad in its offerings, there is something for everyone across the lifespan.

Non-Degree Credit for the Education Market

Through the District Designed Professional Development (DDPD) program, school districts and ISDs can design a university credit component for site-based professional development programs. The DDPD program offers educators and administrators with an opportunity to earn credits toward certificate renewal. For further information about the DDPD program, please contact CMU at 800-950-1144, ext. 3718.

Non-Credit Options

Corporate and Education Training

CMU is able to partner with corporations to assist them with the learning and development needs within their organizations. For further information, please contact 800-950-1144, ext. 3718.

Life-Long Learning

If you are interested in adventures in lifelong learning, look no further than active travel programs through Road Scholars. International in scope, learners of at least 55 years of age come together as a group of travelers to share a common destination and a passion for learning. For more information about CMU offerings, please contact 800-950-1144, ext. 3718.

Military and Veterans Services

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