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Employment Programs

Job opportunities, on and off campus, are available to CMU students, regardless of financial need, who are enrolled at least half-time each semester. Employment in moderation can be beneficial to a student’s educational experience, and earnings can often reduce or eliminate the necessity to borrow. Over 5,000 students work on campus earning over $8 million yearly.

Federal Work Study Program

The university participates in the Federal Work Study Program (FWS). Students must be U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens and meet all other requirements included in the Financial Aid Eligibility section. Students must be enrolled at least half time. Job opportunities extend to most areas of university activity. Pay rates are commensurate with federal minimum wage guidelines. Students are paid once every two weeks for hours worked.

Once students have earned the amount for which they are eligible, it is for the employing department to determine if students will remain employed and paid from another funding source.

Students are not required to accept a job offer in order to receive other types of aid. If students want to replace all or part of the value of the job offered with a loan, they must write to or make an appointment with a financial aid advisor to discuss this option. Substitution of a loan for a job assignment can occur if loan funds are available.

Summer employment for Federal Work Study students may be available on campus. Students must file the FAFSA for the succeeding year in order to be determined eligible.

University Employment/General Student Assistance Employment

Other student jobs are available on campus in addition to those described under the Work Study Programs. General Student Assistance positions are funded by the state through the university. Half-time enrollment status is also required for employment under this program.

Work Hour Limitation

Student employees are allowed to work 50 hours per pay period during the academic year and 80 hours per pay period in summer. These hourly restrictions keep CMU in compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as health care reform. Student employees must inform supervisors of all CMU work assignments and are expected to self-monitor the total hours they work for each pay period.

Off-campus Employment

Businesses and individuals in the Mt. Pleasant and surrounding areas utilize the Student Employment Office to advertise available part-time positions through up-to-date job postings. Information on summer employment is also posted and includes local, state, national, and international opportunities.