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Applying For Financial Aid

To apply for financial assistance at Central Michigan University, prospective students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The need analysis form must be received by the Federal Processor by March 1 in order to meet the State of Michigan’s priority consideration date. Applications are available online at, or from high school counselors, financial aid offices at other institutions of higher learning, and the CMU OSFA. Online applications are strongly encouraged.

All CMU awards are made for a period of one academic year only. Reapplication must be completed for each year.

Financial aid awards for the prospective student are not offered before the student has attained regular admission status through the Admissions Office.

Students must have regular admission in an aid eligible degree or certificate program. Not all certificate programs are eligible for federal aid. Contact the financial aid office for information on aid eligible certificate programs.

Because need-based financial aid is limited, it is awarded to the earliest applicants who demonstrate the greatest financial need until funds are exhausted.