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Athletic Training Major, B.S.A.T.

B.S.A.T. degree
Major Map

The goal of the Athletic Training major is to prepare students to become Board of Certification (BOC) certified athletic trainers (ATC®). Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), upon completion of this major and CMU’s graduation requirements students will be eligible to apply for the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) national certification examination for athletic trainers.

Students intending to pursue this major are encouraged to meet with an athletic training faculty advisor early in their academic career to assure they understand the requirements for selection, and the commitment and rigor of the professional phase. Additional information regarding the athletic training major can be viewed at the program’s web site.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

Pre-Professional Phase/Selection Criteria

All students must meet specific Selection Criteria and Technical Standards to be considered for selection and therefore continue to the professional phase. Selection into the professional phase of the major is competitive. A maximum of sixteen students are selected per semester. Students must achieve an overall minimum of 318.5 points in order to be considered for selection. However, if less than sixteen applicants meet the minimum criteria, the AT Program reserve the right to admit a smaller cohort or admit additional applicants on a conditional basis. Each student will have two opportunities to be considered for selection. Declaring the major in athletic training is completed after the student is selected to the professional phase.

  1. Practical Experience. Prior to entering ATR 280 and a component of the Selection Application Packet, students must complete a MINIMUM OF 120 HOURS of practical experience in an athletic training or sports medicine related setting. Examples of settings include, but are not limited to:
    • Sports Medicine or Rehabilitation Clinic
    • Corporate or Industrial Injury Care/Rehabilitation Facility,
    • High School
    • College or University.

      Note: Only 30 hours (of the minimum 120) may be counted from a college or university venue.

  2. Application Packet. Selection Application Packets must be downloaded from the AT website.

    Submission Deadline: On or before the first class meeting as enrolled in ATR 280.

    Packets will not be accepted past the deadline. Students who have submitted late, incomplete, or improper packets will be administratively dropped from ATR 280 for that semester. A selection opportunity will not be counted against the student and the student will need to apply in a subsequent semester.

  3. Grade of CR in ATR 280 Field Experience in Athletic Training. Students who receive a NC in this class are removed from the list of eligible candidates for that semester. The student is charged a selection opportunity.
  4. Overall GPA. Maximum of 60 points (per 1/100th GPA). Calculated from all courses taken at Central Michigan University.
  5. Pre-Professional Courses GPA. Maximum of 120 points (per 1/100th GPA). As calculated from all pre-professional phase courses. Pre-professional selection courses include: ATR 100, ATR 200, ATR 280, CHM 120 & CHM 127, HSC 211, HSC 212, PHL 105, PSY 100, STA 282QR.
  6. Directed Observation Staff Evaluation. Maximum 120 points (60 points per evaluation). One staff evaluation is completed by the assigned certified athletic trainer and professional phase athletic training students per six week directed observation rotation during the ATR 280 semester. The student is assigned two different rotations during the semester, which will provide for two different staff evaluations.
  7. Selection Interview. Maximum 60 points. The interview will assess traits such as professional motivation, interpersonal skills, integrity and orientation to the field as a future health care provider. The interview will be conducted at a specified appointment time between the 8th and 10th week of classes during the ATR 280 semester.
  8. Proficiency Written Examination. Maximum 80 points. The student will take the written exam during the last week of classes during the ATR 280 semester.
  9. Proficiency Skill Test. Maximum 50 points. The student will take the skills portion of the exam at a specified appointment time during the last week of classes during the ATR 280 semester.

Professional Phase/Retention & Termination Standards:

The professional phase is a 4-semester, cohort-based sequence of courses and clinical field experiences. Students must continue to meet program Retention Criteria and Technical Standards to maintain status in the professional phase. Consequences for non-compliance have been determined and could include probation, suspension or dismissal from the program.

  1. Academic Standards.
    1. Maintain at least a 2.8 overall cumulative GPA.
    2. Maintain at least a 3.1 cumulative major GPA.
  2. Maintain established professional standards as described in The AT Policies and Procedures Manual and the BOC, Inc. Standards of Professional Practice.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (44 hours)

ATR 100Foundations of Athletic Training


ATR 200Functional Anatomy for Athletic Trainers


ATR 280Field Experience in Athletic Training


ATR 310Athletic Training Clinical I


ATR 315Injury Prevention I


ATR 320Athletic Training Clinical II


ATR 380Athletic Training Assessment I


ATR 381Athletic Training Therapeutics I


ATR 382Athletic Training Assessment II


ATR 383Athletic Training Therapeutics II


ATR 384Athletic Training Assessment III


ATR 387Athletic Training Therapeutics III


ATR 390WISeminar in Athletic Training


ATR 394Pharmacology in Athletic Training


ATR 415Injury Prevention II


ATR 430Athletic Training Clinical III


ATR 440Athletic Training Clinical IV


ATR 480Health Care Administration in Athletic Training

3(3-0 )

FNS 375Nutrition and Performance


Total: 44 semester hours