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School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences (ATR, FNS, NUR, PHA)

For information, contact:

Athletic Training, HPB 2212, 989-774-1054; 

Nursing Program, HPB 2212, 989-774-1054

Nutrition and Dietetics, Wightman 205; 989-774-2613

Physician Assistant Program, HPB 1250, 989-774-1730

Programs at CMU

The School of Rehabilitation and Medical Science includes undergraduate programs in Athletic Training, Foods and Nutrition, and RN-to-BSN (nursing) for current RNs. See also the Pre-Professional Studies section in the Undergraduate Bulletin for Pre-Physician Assistant programs or visit

Graduate programs are offered in Physician Assistant Studies and Nutrition and Dietetics. The Physician Assistant Studies program is a 27-month program that offers a Master of Science degree. For a detailed description of admissions requirements, prerequisite coursework and the professional curriculum for graduate programs, please consult the Graduate Studies Bulletin. 

The Faculty

April Adado, John Blamoun, Robert Bell, Bethany Brown, Kristie Chapman, Lynn Evans, Michael Fillenworth, Jeff Fisher, Sana Gaffney, Ahmad Hakemi, Roschelle Heuberger, Susan Hewlings, Leslie Hildebrandt, Taylor Hoekwater, Kechinyere Iheduru-Anderson, Rawia Khasawneh, Yeoneoo Kim, Debra Kimball-Christie, Lixin Li, Blaine Long, John E. Lopes, Jr., Scott Massey, Kevin Miller, Anna Most, René R. Shingles, Denise Webster, Emily Webster, Najat Yahia 

The Programs

Athletic Training Major

Dietetics Major

Nursing Major (RN-to-BSN)

Nutrition Minor