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Integrated Leadership Studies Major, B.A.A.; B.S.

B.A.A.B.S. degrees

This program is only available via Global Campus/CMU Online.

The Integrated Leadership Studies major consists of a 21 semester hour academic core, a selected 6 semester hour specialized track and 12 semester hours of electives chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

Any student in good academic standing admitted to CMU’s Global Campus may declare a program plan in Integrated Leadership Studies. Every student intending to major in Integrated Leadership Studies must meet with an advisor for academic planning before registering for classes.

A minimum 2.0 GPA (C) must be earned in the major.

No more than a total of 27 semester hours earned in business courses, including business transfer hours, may be counted toward graduation.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (21 hours)

COM 195Intercultural Communication


COM 461Communication in Leadership


LDR 200Introduction to Leadership


MGT 312Introduction to Management


MGT 348Dynamics of Organizational Behavior


MSA 501The Emotionally Intelligent Organization


PHL 318Business Ethics


Note: MSA 501 is the capstone course and should be taken in the final semester prior to graduation.

Specialized Track (6 hours)

Select one of the following Specialized Tracks:

Military Services Leadership

HST 312American Military Experience


PSC 321The American Chief Executive


Public Sector Leadership

PAD 411Public Sector Human Resources


PSC 105Introduction to American Government and Politics


Enterprise Leadership

ENT 210Accounting Information for Entrepreneurial Decision Making


MKT 300Introduction to Marketing


Electives (12 hours)

Elective coursework is chosen in consultation with an advisor and pre-approved by the Director of Undergraduate Programs, based on the career interest and goals of the individual student. A minimum of 6 semester hours of electives must be at the 300 level or above.

Total: 39 semester hours

Note: A student majoring in Integrated Leadership Studies can pursue an Accelerated Master of Science (MSA) degree. The Accelerated MSA program will allow an ILS major to reduce the total number of credits to complete their graduate degree by 12 semester hours. Admission criteria for the Accelerated MSA program is listed on the MSA degree in the Graduate Studies Bulletin. See your undergraduate academic advisor for details.