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Departmental Programs

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards


Students interested in teaching in the elementary and secondary grades may contact the College of Education and Human Service Center for Student Services (EHS 421) for pre-admission advising. This service assists students in determining the appropriateness of their career plans and provides information about admission to the teacher education program. The Teacher Education Student Handbook, which answers many student questions about the program, may be found on the Center for Student Services’ website at


The three cycles of candidacy may be found in the Standards Leading to Teacher Certification. Students must apply for admission into the Teacher Education Program before becoming eligible to enroll in professional education courses. After being admitted into teacher education, a student has five years in which to complete requirements for graduation; otherwise he or she must reapply for the program. The application for teacher education is available on the Center for Student Services website (

Student Teaching

The Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development offers the field-based professional education courses required for the State of Michigan’s Elementary and Secondary Standard Teaching Certificates. Student teachers are placed in one of the CMU Student Teaching Centers within the state. There are also opportunities to student teach in an international placement during a portion of the student teaching field experience.

For additional information, contact the Director of Student Teaching at 989-774-4411. Student teaching information is also available on the TEPD website at

Application. The application process begins with a Student Teaching Application Meeting during the first week of the semester prior to the student teaching semester. The application is completed online. Once approved to student teach, students are assigned to a student teaching center. An interview takes place with a University Coordinator from the center who will secure the field placement. Students may NOT secure their own placement.

Requirements. Students must complete the requirements as posted in the Teacher Education Handbook, before student teaching placements are secured. These include departmental approval for each major and minor, a 2.7 or higher GPA in each major and minor, an overall GPA of 2.70 or higher, and a C+ or higher in all methods and professional education classes. “Incompletes” are NOT acceptable in any methods or professional education course. Students register themselves for EDU 432 and EDU 458 during open registration. Students pursuing special education endorsements should contact the Counseling and Special Education Department for information regarding special education student teaching.

Elementary: EDU 107, EDU 330, EDU 380WI, EDU 393, EDU 432, EDU 458; HDF 100; SPE 504; and all major and minor requirements listed in the bulletin; and all major and minor requirements listed in the bulletin.

Elementary students must complete the general elementary education MTTC examination and complete extra examinations in their major and minor for endorsements in those areas.

Secondary: EDU 107, EDU 290 (except for music majors), EDU 310, EDU 325 (except for music majors), EDU 432, EDU 450, EDU 458, EDU 495; SPE 504; and all major and minor requirements listed in the bulletin (additional requirements for Special Education Majors).

Secondary students must successfully complete the Michigan Test of Teacher Certification (MTTC) in their major and minor areas.

Teacher Certification

Students must fulfill all requirements listed for Admission to Teacher Education Programs as specified in the Standards Leading to Teacher Certification section of this Bulletin. Students interested in certification regulations should contact the College of Education and Human Services Center for Student Services immediately. As of April, 1987 “General Elementary Certification Endorsement” means an authorization to teach in grades kindergarten to and including grade five in all subjects and in major and minor areas of preparation in grades six through eight and K-8, if in a self-contained classroom. The Michigan Secondary Standard Teacher’s Certificate qualifies the graduates to teach in their major and minor fields in grades six through twelve.