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Early Childhood Development and Learning Major, B.S. in Ed., Standard Elementary Certificate

B.S. in Education, Standard Elementary Certificate
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This major is also via Global Campus.

Early Childhood Development and Learning is a field of study that examines the growth and development of children birth through age eight, within the context of teaching and working with children in educational and community settings. The courses on this major meet the course work requirements for early childhood education and preschool teaching by the Michigan Department of Education and the training guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), providing students with education, training, and skills to work with children and families from diverse backgrounds. This major is especially appropriate for students who plan on working in early childhood settings such as PK-3 elementary classrooms, child care centers, preschools, Head Start, Early Head Start, and early childhood special education programs.

Students who complete this major may take the Michigan Early Childhood Examination. Successful completion of this examination results in the addition of the Early Childhood (ZS) Endorsement to the student’s teaching certificate.  

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in all teaching majors.
  2. A minimum 2.5 GPA and completion of (or enrollment in) one of the following courses (HDF 100, EDU 280, or PSY 220) are required to declare this major.
  3. Student must receive a grade of C+ or better in HDF 302, HDF 303, and HDF 402 in order to graduate with this major.
  4. HDF 402 is a departmental methods course and must be completed with a grade of C+ or better before student teaching.
  5. In order to meet Michigan Department of Education Standards for the ZS Endorsement Capstone Experience, student teaching assignments must take place in at least two of the three areas (infant/toddler, preschool, and K-3) under the direction of a qualified cooperating teacher.

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (3 hours)

Select one of the following:

EDU 280Education of Children


HDF 100Lifespan Development


PSY 220Developmental Psychology


Required Courses II - Development and Family (15 hours)

HDF 301Infant Toddler Practicum Experience


HDF 302Infant and Toddler Development


HDF 303Early Childhood Development


HDF 309Families, Schools, and Communities


HDF 400Developmental Assessment of Children


Required Courses III - Learning (17 hours)

EDU 525Early Childhood Education


HDF 200Constructivism as a Tool for Learning


HDF 402Guidance for Young Children


HDF 403Best Practices in Early Childhood Settings


HDF 508Early Childhood Program Administration and Leadership


SPE 585Early Childhood Special Education


Total: 35 semester hours