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Visual Merchandising Minor, B.A.; B.A.A.; B.F.A.; B.S.; B.S. in B.A.

This minor is also offered via Global Campus/CMU Online.

Effective Visual Merchandising allows for an integration of the art and science in the merchandising process, resulting in compelling presentations that influence consumer purchase intention. This minor is intended to complement a wide variety of majors such as Event Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, and Art. The minor coursework provides an aesthetic foundation and general knowledge of the fashion industry. Additionally, students will learn current technology used by Visual Merchandisers. This minor is appropriate for those interested in careers as visual merchandisers, art directors, stylists, display artists, event planners and entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. Students majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design with a Fashion Merchandising or Visual Merchandising Concentration are not eligible for this minor.
  2. Students majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design with a Fashion Design or Product Development Concentration are eligible for this minor. Nine (9) credits from their major (FMD 141, 246, 256) will count toward the Visual Merchandising Minor.
  3. Students must achieve a C or better in all minor courses in order to graduate with this minor.
  4. In order to enroll in a minor course, student must have achieved a C or better in the required minor prerequisite course.
  5. Upon receipt of the third C- or lower in a minor course, student will not be allowed to complete the minor.
  6. Student must have a minimum program GPA of 2.7 in order to graduate with this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses (21 hours)

BIS 308Visual Business Communication and Digital Media


FMD 141Apparel Design Analysis


FMD 246CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising


FMD 256Introduction to Fashion Industry


FMD 356Visual Merchandising


FMD 456CAD for Visual Merchandising and Presentation


FMD 556Advanced Visual Merchandising


Total: 21 semester hours