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Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising (FMD, IND)

For information, please contact the chairperson, 989-774-5486, WI 205.

Why study Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising?

The areas are focused on the preparation of students for a variety of careers in the fields of fashion, interior design, and merchandising. Central to our mission is the application of technology to the design and merchandising process and the dissemination of original research and creative endeavors that expands the current body of knowledge related to our disciplines.

Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising at CMU

Majors offered within the department of Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising include: Fashion Merchandising and Design and Interior Design. Minors include: Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising, and Interior Design. All programs are accredited by the National Association for Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), and the Interior Design program is also accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

The department offers online majors in Fashion Merchandising and Design with concentrations in visual merchandising and product development. Also available is a Master of Science in Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology. For more information about this program, consult the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

Transfer students seeking a major must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at CMU. Transfer students seeking a minor must complete a minimum of 9 credit hours at CMU.

The Faculty

Su An, Susan Bowlby, Usha Chowdhary, Tanya Domina, Elizabeth Embrey, Pimpawan Kumphai, Seung-Eun Lee, Maureen MacGillivray, Michael Mamp, Jennifer Mower, Ian Mull, Thamizhisai Periyaswamy, Lauren Pillote-Wielenga, Jeanneane Wood-Nartker, Julie Qun Zuo

The Programs

Fashion Merchandising and Design Major: Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising Concentrations

Fashion Merchandising and Design Major: Visual Merchandising and Product Development Concentrations (online only)

Interior Design Major

Fashion Design Minor

Interior Design Minor

Visual Merchandising Minor