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Special Education Major: Teachers of Students with Cognitive Impairment, B.S. in Ed., Standard Elementary Certificate or B.S. in Ed., Standard Secondary Certificate

B.S. in Education degree, Standard Elementary or  B.S. in Education degree, Secondary Certificate
Major Map

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

Teacher Certification - All programs are subject to changes in state certification rules and students should contact an advisor before pre-registration each semester. A student who plans to major in special education should contact the EHS Center for Student Services, EHS 421, as soon as possible to initiate the Admission to Teacher Education process. Students must fulfill all requirements listed for Admission to Teacher Education programs as specified in the Teacher Certification section of this Bulletin.

All students preparing to become approved to teach in special education must also meet requirements for certification in general elementary or secondary education. The endorsements in cognitive impairment and emotional impairment, both K-12, require either an elementary or secondary education general education certificate. Students completing a special education endorsement will be eligible to teach special education students in grades kindergarten through twelve (or age 26).

Before a major is declared, the student must have earned a grade of C or higher in SPE 126 (3) Introduction to Special Education.

Students are required to complete two student teaching assignments, one in Special Education during one semester and one in General Education during another semester. Application for Special Education student teaching must be completed through the Center for Clinical Experiences by the established deadline. Application for General Education student teaching must be made through the Center for Clinical Experiences by the established deadline in advance of each placement, with approval recommended by Special Education prior to placement. Fall student teaching applications are due the preceding spring semester, and Spring student teaching applications are due the preceding fall semester, by the established deadline.

A minimum 2.7 GPA (B-) must be earned in the Special Education major.

For Special Education major, Teachers of students with Cognitive Impairment, the following courses require a C+ or better: SPE 322, SPE 323, SPE 324, SPE 519, SPE 521, and SPE 522.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (24 hours)

SPE 126Introduction to Special Education


SPE 322Curriculum and Instruction for Students with High Incidence Disabilities


SPE 323Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs


SPE 324Special Education Classroom-Based Assessment


SPE 550WITeaching Diverse Students in Educational Settings


SPE 570Career Development and Transitions


Note: SPE 322, SPE 323, and SPE 324 require a C+ or better.

Required Courses (18 hours)

Professional Sequence

SPE 458Special Education Clinical Experience: Cognitive Impairment


SPE 519Students with Cognitive Impairment


SPE 521Teaching Students with Cognitive Impairment


SPE 522Seminar in Advanced Methods for Teaching Students with Cognitive


Note: SPE 519, SPE 521, and SPE 522 require a C+ or better.

Total: 42 semester hours