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Accommodation of Religious Obligations

It is Central Michigan University policy to permit students to be absent from classes or examinations for reason of observing religious holidays. Students are allowed to make up course requirements when they are unable to avoid a conflict between their academic and their religious obligations. Absence from classes or examinations caused by observing religious holidays does not relieve students from responsibility for any part of the coursework required during the period of absence. It is the obligation of students to provide faculty with written notice of the religious holiday they will be observing and the date on which they will be absent at least two weeks prior to the date of the religious holiday. Students who miss classes or are absent on days of examinations or class assignments shall be offered an opportunity to make up the work, without penalty, unless it can be demonstrated that a makeup opportunity would interfere unreasonably with the delivery of the course. Should disagreement arise over any aspect of this policy, the parties involved should contact the department chair, the dean of the College or the Ombuds Office. Final appeals will be resolved by the Provost.