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Auditing Courses

Students who do not wish to take a graduate course for credit may register as an auditor, provided the student has obtained approval from the chairperson of the department prior to registration and are otherwise qualified. To qualify to audit a graduate course, students must meet the usual admission requirements for courses at or above the 600 level. No credit or grade is granted for an audited course, but such credit as the course normally would carry is included as part of a student's total load. No change from regular registration to audit nor from audit to regular registration is permitted after the completion of the Drop and Add period. The student's responsibility to the class being audited is determined by the instructor of the class. Auditors pay the same fees required of students taking the course for credit. See Auditing Courses in the Index for information on fees.

Alumni Course Audit

Alumni who have earned a graduate degree from Central Michigan University may audit any Global Campus course at the special rate of $100 per course on a space-available basis, at any site where courses are open to the general public. Where courses are closed to the general public, alumni otherwise eligible to enroll in courses may also audit classes.
Alumni wishing to enroll should contact the program administrator since registration is handled according to the normal procedure where the course is being held. An “Intent to Audit” card will be completed by the registrant, and the $100 fee will be collected at that time by the program administrator. Actual admittance to a class will be contingent upon the availability of classroom space.
Grades are not given for audited courses, no credit is received, and audited courses do not meet any CMU degree or certificate requirements.