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The Prior Learning Assessment Credit Process

The Prior Learning Student Handbook, required forms, and sample undergraduate and graduate portfolios are available on the Prior Learning Website Students should review this material carefully before beginning work. The Prior Learning Student Handbook is an essential guide, and the forms are a required part of the student’s portfolio. Portfolios must be typed or machine printed. Handwritten portfolios are not acceptable.

Portfolios should be submitted as early as possible in the degree program since an early evaluation of prior learning assessment credits enables the student to plan her or his degree program more efficiently. Graduate prior learning assessment credit applications should be submitted within four months (120 days) of a student’s admission. Completed portfolios and the appropriate fee should be sent to: Prior Learning Assessment, Central Michigan University, Global Campus, 802 Industrial Drive, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858.

The evaluation of portfolios is usually completed within 9-12 weeks. Students should submit two complete copies of their portfolios in separate notebooks; if they do not, evaluation time will be lengthened.

After being notified of their prior learning assessment credit award, students are responsible for consulting with their academic advisor. The academic advisor determines which prior learning assessment credits may be applied to the student’s program plan.

Portfolios are evaluated using performance criteria established and administered by a trained team of university graduate faculty members. Typical criteria include such things as the amount and level of decision-making responsibility; the number of and reporting relationships with subordinates and colleagues; the span of financial control; the activity time span, training experience duration, preparation and results; and the overall level of responsibility or expertise required to perform the functions described. All experiences must be thoroughly self-assessed and documented.

The following course numbers are used to record prior learning assessment credits:



An appropriate title and credit hour designation are assigned by the Prior Learning Assessment Team to each award.