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Student Ombuds Office

The Student Ombuds Office assists in resolving conflicts or disputes within the University and helps students, staff members, instructors, and administrators sort through university rules and regulations that might apply to specific student issues and concerns. In addition, CMU’s Ombudspersons identify policies that might need revision, referring them to the appropriate committee for review.

All matters presented to the Student Ombuds Office are handled in a neutral, confidential, informal, and independent manner. CMU Ombudspersons are not advocates for any individual or group; they are advocates for fairness. Talking to an Ombudsperson does not constitute filing a formal complaint or notice since the purpose of the Student Ombuds Office is to provide a confidential forum to support review and consideration of options.

Following a request for assistance, an Ombudsperson will take one or more of the following actions after listening carefully to the concern: 1) explain relevant student rights and responsibilities; 2) review relevant university policies or regulations; 3) suggest fair and equitable options; 4) identify and provide referral to appropriate university resources; or, 5) investigate, when necessary.

An Ombudsperson will also assist students who want to file formal complaints and grievances, which is often the final step in a student’s effort to resolve a dispute. There are systems in place at CMU to receive and hear a student’s formal grievance. Which system is used depends on the nature and location of the grievance. Although it is not required, a consultation with an Ombudsperson is strongly recommended before submitting a formal complaint or grievance.

The Student Ombuds Office does not provide legal services, represent students or instructors at academic grievance or disciplinary hearings, mediate disputes between students, faculty, staff and external agencies, or mediate disputes between or among faculty or between faculty and administrators.

Members of the CMU community may contact the Student Ombuds Office by e-mail (, by phone (989-774-3010), or online at