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Veterans’ Educational Benefits

A student who is a veteran, a member of the armed forces, or spouse or dependent of a veteran or current service member may be entitled to educational benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Eligibility for such benefits is determined by VA.

VA strictly enforces policies governing enrollment certification and payment of veterans’ educational benefits. Students receiving VA educational benefits need to be aware of the following information that will affect receipt of benefits while enrolled at Central Michigan University.

Audit Grades. Enrollment certification is prohibited for audited courses.

Eligible Courses. Only courses that count toward completion of a student’s stated educational objectives may be certified with VA. To ensure compliance with this VA regulation:

  • Main Campus undergraduate students must officially declare a major upon earning 56 credit hours.
  • Global Campus undergraduate students must consult with their academic advisor upon admission to CMU and develop an appropriate program plan.
  • All graduate students consult with their academic advisor upon admission to CMU and develop an appropriate program plan.

    Note: Students changing or adding a degree or certificate program as a dual objective must execute a new program plan. As part of the new program plan (change) process, students utilizing VA educational benefits must have their completed coursework re-evaluated by his/her advisor to ensure previously completed courses are appropriately included in the student’s revised program plan. Students are also advised that any change in degree or certificate program requires the student to submit a formal application.

Enrollment Certification Request. Students approved for GI Bill® Educational Benefits and wishing to receive those benefits at CMU must submit a Central Michigan University GI Bill® Enrollment Certification Request (ECR) form EACH SEMESTER. For the student’s convenience, this form is online at

  • ECRs for students taking Michigan and/or online courses will be processed by staff in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. For more information, please visit
  • ECRs for students taking non-Michigan courses will be processed at the student’s local program center. For U.S. center locations please visit:

Enrollment Changes. Students must promptly notify their School Certifying Official of any schedule changes (i.e., dropping, adding, or withdrawing from a course).

Incomplete (I) and Deferred (Z) Grades. An incomplete or deferred is considered non-punitive and must be converted to a punitive grade within one year. VA will be notified at the end of the term of non-punitive grades; repayment of benefits may be required.

Prior Learning Credit. VA will not reimburse students for the cost of prior learning assessment credit.

Repeat Courses. Only courses that are failed or for which the grade does not meet minimum requirements for graduation may be certified with VA if they are repeated.

Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students must maintain satisfactory progress according to published standards established and enforced by the University. Federal regulations mandate that benefits be discontinued when satisfactory progress has ceased. Accordingly, CMU must discontinue certification of enrollment and inform VA. Students have a right to appeal the termination of benefits with VA. For additional information, see the Satisfactory Academic Progress in the Financial Aid Section of the Bulletin.

Transfer Credit. Students must provide CMU with an official transcript from all previous institutions attended. If this requirement is not met during the student’s first term of enrollment, CMU will not certify enrollment for any future terms. The student will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation showing all previous credits approved for transfer to CMU.

To be considered for transfer credit students must provide an official Joint Service Transcript (JST) with the American Council on Education (ACE) Recommendation. CMU follows the ACE Recommendations as it relates to military experiences and training; to be considered for transfer, students should provide official transcripts or official documentation that includes an ACE Recommendation.