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Military Discounted Tuition Rates

Listed below are the 18-19 base Military tuition rates per credit hour for which academic credit is awarded. The President or designee may vary these tuition rates and fees according to cohorts, programs, locations, or terms of contracts. Tuition for 18-19 was not set at the printing of this Bulletin but is updated online.

Undergraduate, Military 290.00
Graduate, Military 355.00
Master of Business Administration - Online
Active Military 600.00


Military Rates are applicable to programs that do not exceed the standard undergraduate and graduate rates. However, the graduate military rate is also applicable to the Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program.

Qualifying Categories for Military Discounted Tuition Rate

  1. Active duty members, reservists or guard members currently serving in a branch of the United States military, which includes the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard or the spouse or dependent child(ren) of military members. Eligibility for family members includes (a) those that qualify under the existing IRS definition of a qualifying dependent and/or (b) possess a current military benefits identification card (excludes military retirees).

Individuals must submit documentation verifying their eligibility for the Military discounted tuition rate. If not already on file with Central Michigan University’s Global Campus, acceptable means of verification include:

  1. Present your active duty or active duty dependent military ID to your nearest CMU education center.
  2. Alternatively, active military members including eligible family members, reservists or guard members may submit a verification letter from the military members command reflecting their status as well as their end of service date.

CMU Student Services Fee

See Fees for information on the Student Service Fee.

Registration Information

Central Michigan University offers the earliest registration appointment times to all active military personnel, certified veterans and those deemed eligible for VA benefits by the Dept. Veteran Affairs. Central Michigan University also reserves the right to permit other approved student populations earlier registration appointment times as designated. Military Veterans will receive earliest Priority Date based on their official course registration date and class availability.