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Academic Overview

Doctoral Degrees

Audiology (Au.D.)

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (Ph.D.)

Earth and Ecosystem Science (Ph.D.)

Education: Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)*

Educational Leadership (Ph.D.)

Educational Technology (D.E.T.)*

Health Administration (D.H.A.)*

History (Ph.D.)

Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Medicine (M.D.)

Neuroscience (Ph.D.)

Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

Psychology, Applied Experimental (Ph.D.)

Psychology, Clinical (Ph.D.)

Psychology, Industrial/Organizational (Ph.D.)

Psychology, School (Ph.D.)

Science of Advanced Materials (Ph.D.)

Specialist's Degrees

General Educational Administration*

Psychological Services: School Psychology

Master's Degrees

Administration (M.S.A.)*

Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology (M.S.)

Applied Statistics and Analytics (M.S.)

Biology (M.S.)

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (M.S.)

Broadcast and Cinematic Arts (M.A.)

Business Administration (M.B.A.)*

Chemistry (M.S.)

Chemistry, Teaching College (M.A.)

Communication (M.A.)

Computer Science (M.S.)

Counseling (M.A.)*

Cultural Resource Management (M.A.)

Economics (M.A.)

Education* (M.A.)

Educational Leadership (M.A.)*

Educational Technology (M.A.)*

Engineering (M.S.)

English Language and Literature (M.A.)

English Composition & Communication (M.A.)

Entrepreneurial Transactions (M.E.T.)*

Exercise Physiology (M.S.)

Geographic Information Sciences (M.S.)

Health Administration (M.H.A.)*

Higher Education Administration (M.A.)

History (M.A.)

History, Joint (M.A.)

Information Systems (M.S.)*

Mathematics (M.A.)

Music (M.M.)

Neuroscience (M.S.)

Nutrition & Dietetics (M.S.)*

Physician Assistant (M.S.)

Physics (M.S.)

Psychology, Experimental (M.S.)

Psychology, Industrial/Organizational (M.A.)

Public Administration (M.P.A.)*

Public Health (M.P.H.)*

Reading and Literacy (K-12) (M.A.)*

Special Education: The Master Teacher (M.A.)*

Speech-Language Pathology (M.A.)

Sport Administration (M.A.)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (M.A.)

Accelerated Degrees (Bachelor's and Master's)

See Types of Admission for more information.

Administration (MSA)*

Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology*

Applied Statistics and Analytics

Business Administration (MBA) - Accounting Emphasis

Computer Science



English Composition & Communication

English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature: Creative Writing Concentration

English Language and Literature: Children's/Young Adult Literature Concentration

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Entrepreneurial Transactions

Geographic Information Sciences



Psychology, Experimental

Graduate Certificates

Acquisitions Administration*

Actuarial Science*

Administrative Essentials*

Citizen Engagement

College Teaching*

Cultural Resource Management


Data Mining

Engineering Management*

Enterprise Systems*

European History

General Administration*

Health Services Administration*

Health Systems Leadership*

Human Resources Administration*

Information Resource Management*

International Administration*

International Health *


Modern History

Nonprofit Leadership

Philanthropy and Fund Raising*

Project Management*

Public Administration*

Recreation and Park Administration*

Research Administration*

Training and Development*

United States History

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Arts*

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Individualized Studies

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music Education

Bachelor of Science*

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Education*

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology*

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Social Work

Undergraduate Certificates:

An Undergraduate Certificate signifies completion of certain prescribed coursework. Certificates are offered in:

African and African Diaspora Studies

American Indian Studies

Creative Writing

Citizenship Engagement

Critical Reasoning

Cultural Competency


Deafblind Intervener

East Asian Studies

European Studies

Fermentation Science

Global Governance and Advocacy

Governance of Nations

Human Geography

International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Administration

International Security Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies

Lawmaking and Legal Processes

Middle East and Islamic Studies

Political Advocacy and Elections

Public and Social Entrepreneurship

Public Policy Analysis

Social Justice in Global Health,

Technical and Professional Writing


Translation (English and Spanish)

(*Some programs are offered are offered online or at Global Campus locations.)

Colleges of the University

College of the Arts and Media

Department of Art and Design

School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts

Department of Journalism

School of Music

College of Business Administration

School of Accounting

Department of Business Information Systems

Department of Economics

Department of Entrepreneurship

Department of Finance and Law

Department of Management

Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration

College of Education and Human Services

Department of Counseling and Special Education

Department of Educational Leadership

Department of Human Environmental Studies

Department of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration

Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development

College of Graduate Studies

The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions

Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

School of Health Sciences

Department of Physical Education and Sport

School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Department of English Languages and Literature

Department of History

Department of Military Science

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Department of Psychology

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Department of World Languages and Cultures

College of Medicine

College of Science and Engineering

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Department of Computer Science

Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

School of Engineering & Technology

Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Global Campus

See the 2018-2019 Global Campus Bulletin.