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United States History, Graduate Certificate

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 18 hours

This 18 credit hour certificate is designed for regularly admitted graduate students who desire advanced training in United States history, but who are not seeking a master's degree at this time. Credits successfully earned with this certificate program can be transferred toward the M.A. degree. Students may substitute courses only upon approval of the History Graduate Studies Committee. Admission is through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Students pursuing this certification program should have some prior coursework in United States history.

This certificate is granted upon completion of 18 hours within the selected area.

Program Requirements

Required Courses

At least 6 hours must be taken at the 600-level or above, selected from the following courses:

HST 602Colloquium in U.S. History to 1865


HST 603Colloquium in U.S. History Since 1865


HST 711Seminar in Colonial and Revolutionary America


HST 713Seminar in the History of Nineteenth Century America


HST 715Seminar in the Civil War and Reconstruction


HST 717Seminar in the History of Twentieth Century America


HST 723Seminar in American Diplomatic History


Electives (0-12 hours)

All courses must be selected from the department's course offerings in United States history. No more than 3 hours may be taken below the 500-level, and then only if approved for graduate credit.

Total: 18 semester hours