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General Educational Administration, Ed.S.

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 30 hours

Note: This program is offered through Global Campus only.

The Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) in General Education Administration is an advanced degree program that prepares professional educators with instructional and leadership skills beyond the master's level of competence. The purpose of this degree is to extend the academic foundation, skills, and abilities of educational leaders and to build leadership capacity in a variety of educational settings. The Ed.S. degree is based upon the satisfactory completion of 30 semester hours of graduate-level coursework. Applicants may choose one of two concentration areas (Administrative Leadership K-12 or Instructional Leadership K-12). The program is aligned to state standards and is approved by the state of Michigan.

Applicants who successfully complete the Administrative Leadership K-12 concentration and the Exit Examination may apply to the Michigan Department of Education for administrative certification.

Admission Requirements; Retention & Termination Standards

Admission Requirement Snapshot

GPA: 3.0

Entrance Exam: N/A

See Admission Requirement Details Below

Important Message for Prospective Students: It is highly recommended that students contact the appropriate licensing agency in their state of residence if they are considering an academic program that leads to a professional license. CMU offers state-by-state information at with web links to the appropriate licensing agencies. It is the responsibility of students to contact the appropriate licensing agency and to understand the requirements in their state of residence as applied to their specific situation.


  1. Applicants for the Educational Specialist degree must have three years of experience in an educational setting.
  2. Applicants must meet the requirements for admission to Graduate Studies.
  3. Applicants must have completed a master’s degree in education or related field.
  4. Applicants must provide evidence of promise as an administrator by preparing and submitting an admission portfolio directly to the Department of Educational Leadership. The following items must be included in the contents of the portfolio:
    1. a current resume identifying training, experience, and professional accomplishments;
    2. a minimum of two letters of reference (dated and submitted on organizational letterhead) from individuals who can appropriately address the applicant's potential as an administrator and attest to the applicant's potential for success in the program;
    3. a two-page statement incorporating how the applicant's program goals and beliefs about leadership connect to the Educational Leadership program and these principles:
      • Vision for student success and achievement,
      • Involvement for all stakeholders,
      • Leadership for a diverse and complex society
      • Demonstration of ethical behavior;
    4. identification of a minimum of two significant activities that indicate experiences, abilities, and potential for educational leadership. For each activity identified, applicants should clearly describe the activity and the role and responsibilities they assumed, include the number of people involved or impacted by the activity, describe the budget (if applicable) or resources used, and summarized with a self-reflective statement addressing the insight and learning that occurred.
  5. Regular admission will be granted only after the admission portfolio has been reviewed and deemed acceptable by a committee of Educational Leadership faculty. Acceptability will be judged on the appropriateness of the contents of the admission portfolio relative to the Educational Specialist degree. The applicant's statements about beliefs, professional goals, and activities must show evidence of thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and congruence with the Educational Specialist degree.
  6. It is advantageous for the applicant to submit the admission portfolio as early as possible. Applicants must submit a complete admission's packet, and it must be approved before a student is granted regular admission.

Exit Exam: Praxis SSA (School Leadership Series-School Superintendent Assessment)

Students are responsible for scheduling the Praxis SSA at a testing center of their choosing. A full list of locations and registration information can be found at:

Program Requirements

Required Courses (12 hours)

EDL 710Action Research


EDL 751Program Evaluation and Review


EDL 765Organizational Change in Educational Institutions


EDL 775Educational Policy Analysis



Concentration is selected based upon students’ needs assessment. The specific courses will be determined in consultation between the student and academic advisor.

Concentration I: Administrative Leadership K-12 (15 hours)

EDL 745Administration of the School District


EDL 761School and Community Relations for the District Leader


EDL 766Advanced Educational Law


EDL 767Public School Finance


EDL 773Instructional Supervision and Leadership


Concentration II: Instructional Leadership K-12 (15 hours)

EDL 773Instructional Supervision and Leadership


Plus 12 hours of electives to be chosen in consultation with program advisor.

Capstone Project (3 hours)

Select either Plan A or Plan B (Plan A may only be taken with the Instructional Leadership K-12 Concentration):

Plan A: Thesis

EDL 798Thesis


Plan B: Field Based Project

EDL 780District Level Leader Internship


Total: 30 semester hours