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Special Education: The Master Teacher, M.A.

Minimum Totals for Graduation: 33 hours

This program is also offered via Global Campus/CMU Online.

The Master of Arts in Special Education is designed for students who seek advanced study in special education. These programs are designed to provide training experiences leading to the development of those competencies specifically related to working with persons with disabilities in a variety of public education and community settings as a teacher or teacher consultant.

The Master Teacher

The Master of Arts Degree in Special Education: The Master Teacher is conceptualized as a degree designed specifically to build upon the strengths of certified educators. It is intended to expand their skills and knowledge base in order to prepare them to assume the role of what the Carnegie Institute refers to as "The Master Teacher."

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

Admission Requirement Snapshot

GPA: 3.00

Entrance Exam: N/A

Application Deadline: At least 6 weeks before desired enrollment; 6-12 weeks for International students

See Admission Requirement Details Below

Beyond the standards of Graduate Studies admission, Special Education requires the following:

  1. Prior to admission to a master's degree program, the candidate must have a bachelor's degree and a valid Michigan Elementary or Secondary Standard, Permanent, or Life certificate or special education endorsement. If applicants do not meet this requirement, they should contact the EHS Center for Student Services (421 EHS Building, CMU, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859, 989-774-3309).
  2. Admission to the Master of Arts degree program in Special Education requires an undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.00. (Applicants below the required grade point average may appeal through the chairperson for exception.) Additionally, applicants are required to submit a current statement of purpose for pursuing the degree, and two letters of recommendation regarding the applicant's performance with Special Education populations.


Special Education endorsement OR the following courses within the last ten years.

SPE 126Introduction to Special Education


SPE 550WITeaching Diverse Students in Educational Settings


Retention and Termination Standards

These graduate programs lead to a Master of Arts degree in Special Education. The degree is based upon satisfactory completion of a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate work and satisfactory demonstration of the competencies identified within the stated objectives and activities of the program.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (15 hours)

SPE 600Current Issues and Historical Trends in Special Education


SPE 679Behavioral and Curricular Interventions for Individuals with Mild


SPE 695Research for Special Education


SPE 750Consultation and Collaboration in Special Education


SPE 785Assessment and Program Improvement in Special Education


Additional Requirements (15 hours)

Required classes to be selected in consultation with an advisor.

Plan B Requirement (3 hours)

SPE 790Special Education Graduate Capstone



Comprehensive Examination

Total: 33 semester hours