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Offset Policy

During the 10th through the 25th  calendar day from the official start date of a semester, students are permitted to offset equal credits and course fees with recommendation of academic advisors and academic department chairs. Students must meet all the academic standards for the new course or have an approved exception. For credits or fees added in excess of credits dropped, additional tuition and fees must be paid. Likewise, any offset resulting in a lower tuition and fee charge will be credited to the student’s account if applicable. 

During the Offset period, grades of “W” will not be assigned to courses dropped through the offset process. Students are unable to withdraw from an Offset course for a refund unless specified or granted via a Drop/Withdrawal Appeal being granted. Note, books and supplies purchased for the course the student is leaving in Offset may not be eligible for return or refunds. Offset cannot be done between semesters. Financial aid recipients considering an offset should check with the Scholarships and Financial Aid office or other applicable office, such as Veterans Resource Center, prior to submitting an Offset request. Offsets must be processed via the Registrar’s office.

See also Withdrawing from a Class After Drop/Add Period and Withdrawals from all Classes (Complete Semester Withdrawals).