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Anthropology Minor, B.A.; B.A.A.; B.S.; B.S. in B.A.

This minor is also offered via CMU Online.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. The anthropology advisor must approve transfer credit for required courses for the anthropology minor.
  2. No more than 9 credits from other schools can count toward the Anthropology Minor.
  3. No more than 3 credits in the minor can be taken as credit/no credit.
  4. No Anthropology course at the 500 level can be taken by minors for credit/no credit.

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (6 hours)

ANT 170Cultural Anthropology


ANT 171Human Origins: Introduction to Biological Anthropology


Required Courses II (3 hours)

ANT 174Inequality in the Ancient World: Origins of Early States


ANT 175Archaeology of the Americas


Electives (15 hours)

15 hours of ANT courses at the 200 level or above. With advisor approval, up to 3 hours in a related field may be substituted for ANT electives.

Total: 24 semester hours