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English Major, B.S. in Ed., Standard Secondary Certificate

B.S. in Education, Standard Secondary Certificate

Major Map

General statements that apply to English Majors and Minors

  1. Independent study in English is restricted to nine (9) hours for the major and six (6) hours for the minor. 
  2. The department supports the concept of advanced placement as well as exemption from required courses and credit earned through approved university examination programs.
  3. ENG 101, ELI 198, ELI 199, ENG 103/193 and ENG 201 do not apply on a major or minor.
  4. To be admitted to student teaching, English majors and minors earning a BS in Education must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all required English classes as well as a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in four courses: ENG 211WI, ENG 311, ENG 319, and ENG 460. All required coursework must be completed before student teaching, and any repeated coursework in English must be completed at CMU.
  5. Credit Restrictions: Courses taken for credit toward an English Major may not be taken Credit/No Credit.

Program Requirements

Required Courses I (12 hours)

ENG 234WIIntroduction to Literary Analysis


ENG 333Literatures of Non-Western Cultures


ENG 349Shakespeare


ENG 580Young Adult Literature


Required Courses II (6 hours)

ENG 175The Nature of Language


ENG 372Teaching Grammar: 5-12


Required Courses III (3 hours)

Select one from the following:

ENG 294WIIntroduction to Creative Writing


ENG 510WIWriting Center Practicum


ENG 514Language and Media Discourse


Required Courses IV-A (6 hours)

Select one course as a section in American literature and the other course as a section in British literature:

Note: In Required Courses IV-A, students must take one course in each of the following traditions:

A = American

B = British

In course registration, each section of courses in Category IV-A will be accompanied by a section letter; for example, a section of “Topics in Romantic or Realist Literature” may focus on American literature ENG (337A) or British literature (ENG 337B). Students cannot satisfy the requirements for Category IV-A by repeating the same course number with a different section (i.e., you cannot count both ENG 337A and ENG 337B for this requirement).

ENG 337Topics in Romantic or Realist Literature


ENG 338Topics in Modern or Contemporary Literature


Required Courses IV-B (3 hours)

Select one from the following:

ENG 327/WGS 327Women Writers: Gender, Sexuality, and Literature


ENG 328Native American Literature and Film


ENG 329African American Literature


ENG 330Gods, Monsters, and Immortality: Mythic Literature


Required Courses V (13 hours)

ENG 211WIIntroduction to English Education


ENG 311Teaching Literature in the Secondary School


ENG 319Teaching Composition in the Secondary School


ENG 560Clinical Practice in English Education


Total: 43 semester hours