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Department of World Languages and Cultures

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Amy Ransom, Chair

305 Pearce Hall, 989-774-3786

N. Christine Brooks, Ph.D., French
María Chouza-Calo,
Ph.D., Spanish
Leila Ennaïli,
Ph.D., French
Carolina Gutiérrez-Rivas,
Ph.D., Spanish
Luz Marcela Hurtado,
Ph.D., Spanish
Krzysztof Kulawik,
Ph.D., Spanish 
Roberto Mendoza-Farías,
Ph.D., Spanish
Amy Ransom,
Ph.D., French
Alejandra Rengifo,
Ph.D., Spanish
Daniela Richter,
Ph.D., German

Course Designators:

FLN - Foreign Language

FRN - French

GER - German

SPN - Spanish

Graduate-level courses offered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures may be appropriate as electives on various graduate degree curricula.