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Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Matthew Liesch, Chair

296B Dow Science


Brian Becker, Ph.D., GIS and Remote Sensing, 
Benjamin Heumann, Ph.D., Director, MS-GIS Program and the Center for Geographic Information Science; GIS, Remote Sensing, Ecological Modeling; GIS, Remote Sensing, Ecological Modeling

Bin Li, Ph.D., Geographic Information Sciences, Spatial Statistics, Economic Geography

Matthew Liesch, Ph.D., MS in GISci, Cultural/Human, Human Environmental Interactions

David Patton, Ph.D., Cartography/GIS/Human Geography
Yong Tian,
Ph.D., Geo-computation and Environmental Modeling

Xiaoguang Wang, Ph.D., Land-use and Transportation Planning

Tao Zheng, Ph.D., Remote Sensing

Course Designators:

GEO - Geography

ESC - Earth Science

ENV - Environmental Studies

The Program:

Master of Science (M.S.) in Geographic Information Sciences (GISci)

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

Ph.D. in Earth and Ecosystem Science