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Music (MUS)

For information, please contact the director, 989-774-1945, Music 162;

Why Study Music?

Music is a universal human phenomenon. It is one means by which human beings may understand the essence of their culture, and every culture on earth possesses some musical system. Through musical participation, humans are able to make connections with one another in ways that are impossible to achieve by any other means. When students study music, they come to know a dimension of “humanness” that is otherwise closed to them. In a society that increasingly focuses on passive participation, music study provides students with opportunities for active creative involvement. The student who sings or plays an instrument alone or as part of an ensemble is able to reach a part of himself or herself that cannot be discovered in any other way. The student who listens to the works of composers such as Bach or Mozart is communicating across centuries of time with some of the best thinking that the human mind has to offer. Without musical study, a student cannot completely understand what it means to be a human being.

Music Offerings at CMU

The School of Music provides offerings in four basic areas: curricular programs for students who aspire to careers in music; activities for all students who have an interest in music (all of the musical organizations in the School of Music are open to all students on campus, whether music majors or not); courses for students with a general interest in music; and cultural offerings in the form of recitals, concerts, and lectures, most of which are free of charge.

The School of Music offers majors on Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, and Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. Minors are available on the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

The Faculty

Ashley Allen, James Batcheller, Jay C. Batzner, Lindabeth Binkley, Bruce Bonnell, Chris Chapman, Keith Clifton, Mark Cox, Molly Cryderman-Weber, Brad DeRoche, Meghan DeWald, Amon Eady, Steven L. Egler, Edward Fedewa, James Fiste, James Flora, Sue G. Gamble, Alan Gumm, Scott Harding, Dave Holland, Jennifer Kitchen, Jeffrey Kressler, Latoya Lain, Robert Lindahl, Susan Lindahl, Alexandra Mascolo-David, José-Lois Maúrtua, MaryBeth Minnis, Timothy Mocny, Neil Mueller, John Nichol, Casey Robards, Jeffrey Schaeffer, Rob Smith, Fangye Sun, Eric Tucker, Evan Ware, Tracy Watson, Joanna Cowan White, Kennen White, Adrienne Wiley

The Programs

On the Bachelor of Music Education degree:

Music Education Major: Instrumental Option

Music: Instrumental Minor

Music Education Major: Choral Option

Music: Choral Minor

Music Education Major: General Music Option

Music: General Music Minor

On the Bachelor of Music degree:

Music:Theory/Composition Major

Music: Orchestral Instruments Major

Music: Piano Major

Music: Voice Major

On the Bachelor of Arts degree:

Music Major

Music Minor

On the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree:

Music Theatre Major (Interdisciplinary)