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Communication (COM)

For information, please contact the Department of Communication office, 989-774-3177, 333 Moore Hall;

Why Study Communication?

The ability to communicate well, crucial to all of our activities, is developed through informed and careful study in the discipline of communication. Among the many areas of study are: public speaking, intercultural communication, business and organizational communication, interpersonal and group communication, debate and persuasion.

Communication at CMU

The Department of Communication at CMU addresses the complex nature of oral communication in its various forms.

The professional and academic goals for Communication are the following: (1) to generate an appreciation for and an ability to utilize communication theory appropriate to the students’ vocational aspirations and societal needs; (2) to encourage the development of communication skills that help students build and maintain a sense of self-worth, understanding, and self-confidence; (3) to explore the integration of communication theory and skills with other social-science disciplines; (4) to sensitize students to the variety of perspectives and perceptions of people from different backgrounds and cultures and show the role of communication in creating understanding; (5) to assist students in developing communication competencies that enhance self-directed learning and problem-solving ability; (6) to provide service for the public good; (7) to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate communication skills in applied communication settings; (8) to provide quality education to update and refine the students’ knowledge in accordance with their developing needs; and (9) to contribute to the general advancement of knowledge by stimulating and supporting research efforts. For more information about Communication programs, call the Department of Communication at 989-774-3177.

The Department of Communication offers specialized majors and minors in Communication. The department also participates in the interdisciplinary Language Arts program, which offers a major and a minor at the elementary teaching level, the interdisciplinary Integrative Public Relations program.

The Faculty

Rick Buerkel, Elizabeth Carlson, William Dailey, Tisha Dejmanee, Kerry Harger, Edward Hinck, Shelly Schaefer Hinck, Diane Krider, Alysa Lucas, Joseph Packer, Michael Papa, Wendy Papa, Flemming Rhode, Kirsten Weber, Lesley Withers

The Programs

Communication Major

Communication Minor

Health Communication Minor

Integrative Public Relations Minor (Interdisciplinary)