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Broadcast and Cinematic Arts (BCA)

For information, please contact the director, 989-774-3851, 340 Moore Hall;

Why Study Broadcast and Cinematic Arts?

Electronic media surrounds us; on the radio, on television, on the internet, on our smart phones and devices, and other public spaces. Someone has to create and manage this media and that could be you. The School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts offers a flexible major or minor to allow you to explore several areas including media production, broadcast news, media management and sales, film and media studies, media writing or media performance. You will learn media skills in the classroom that you can apply in hands-on practical experience in our co-curricular activities.

Broadcast and Cinematic Arts at CMU

Students seeking to major or minor in BCA should contact the BCA office who will assist in curricular planning and degree authorization. Specific program requirements are listed below. It is expected that each BCA major and minor will be involved every semester in one or more of the School’s co-curricular activities. These include WMHW-FM, Moore Hall TV, News Central 34, The Film Society, and Moore Media Records. Students are also encouraged to participate in BCA chapters of the National Broadcasting Society, and the Radio and Television Digital News Association.

The School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts provides students with comprehensive training to prepare them for a successful career in a variety of electronic media fields. The School offers hands-on training with media technologies to aid students in gaining realistic media experiences in facility operation and programming, and equips students with the skills necessary to creatively contribute to the electronic media industry through written and performed work. The program prepares students for a wide variety of challenging and stimulating careers in telecommunications companies, advertising or public relations agencies, Internet and social media enterprises, as well as related industries. BCA also offers a Cinema Studies minor available to students throughout the University as well as a unique interdepartmental minor in Electronic Media Sales.

The Faculty

Sarah Adams, Will Anderson, Jim Bollella, Kevin Campbell, Kevin Corbett, Chris Csont, Tiffani Doyel, Aaron Jones, Eric Limarenko, Maggie Mayes, Mark Poindexter, Heather Polinsky, Amy Sindik, Jeff Smith, Trey Stohlman, Wm. Rick Sykes, Patty Williamson

The Programs

Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Major

Integrative Public Relations Major (Interdisciplinary)

Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Minor (BA, BAA, BFA, BS degrees)

Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Minor (BS in BA)

Cinema Studies Minor

Electronic Media Sales Minor (Interdepartmental)

Multimedia Design Minor (Interdisciplinary)

Corporate Video Certificate