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Art and Design (ART)

For information, please contact the chairperson, 989-774-3025, 132 Wightman Hall;

Why Study Art?

The study of the visual arts helps students develop their artistic abilities, strengthen their analytic skills, and improve their interpretive capabilities. Art teaches creative problem solving, self-expression, and self-directed learning. Students in art courses are exposed to the rigors of scholarly inquiry, importance of creative endeavors, and necessity of synthesizing knowledge.

Art at CMU

The Department of Art and Design offers a variety of courses that enable students to pursue individual interests. Courses in general education and complete degree programs for the elementary and secondary school teacher as well as courses and degree programs that prepare the student for professional art careers and advanced study in the visual arts are important parts of the curriculum.

The Faculty

Rachael Barron-Duncan, Larry Burditt, Jeremy Davis, Scott de Brestian, Brian Elder, Steve Leeper, Clark Most, Johanna Paas, Jonathon Russell, Kris Sanford, David Stairs, Greg Stahly, Al Wildey

The Programs

Art Major: Animation, Graphic Design, and Studio Concentrations (BFA)

Art Major: Studio Concentration (BAA)

Art History Major (BA)

Visual Arts Education Major (BS in Ed)

Art History Minor

Art Minor

Multimedia Design Minor (Interdisciplinary Minor)